Goleta California

Goleta Bluffs : Engagement session : Shira & Chris

This Engagement session was out of this world, what can I say about this beautiful, kind , authentic and really fun couple! 

Shira and Chris suggested the Goleta bluffs, because its the place where they spend their weekends, its close to home and close to their hearts, really a beautiful place with an amazing landscape. wait and see ! 

Teresa+Pablo | Goleta Engagement session by the beach |Goleta Photographer by Andrea de Anda

AHH yes, another beautiful and very special engagement session, Teresa and Pablo met and for Pablo was love at first sight, after realizing that Pablo's sister and Teresa worked in the same place, Teresa agreed to go out with him and they've been together ever since, that was 8 years ago, real love is like that, don't you agree? 

Work and Love drove this two to the beautiful Central Coast area, and I hope to see them again for their wedding in Pismo Beach. Enjoy this beautiful engagement session, it took place at Ellewood Beach at sunset, in their special place, Ellewood beach is were they picnic, where they go to take walks and talk for hours, I love when my clients share this special places and moments with me and allow me to document them ! Thank you guys for your trust !! 

Teresa+Pablo : Ellewood Beach : Goleta California : April 2015