Surpise Proposal

Surprise proposal at Palace of Fine arts San Francisco : Andrea de Anda Photography

I’m still smiling about this surprise proposal, I like to arrive a little early to all my photo sessions because “you never know right”? well, when I got to the palace of fine arts I saw a beautiful wedding taking place right underneath the dome, right where I told Jamin to meet me, I went into panic mode and I texted him to wait a little bit for the proposal, arrive a little later or go into Plan B (another location)

I’m so fortunate that by the time he got on one knee, they where clearing the chairs and the space was kind of clear, it was sooo beautiful to witness this moment, from the moment I spotted them you could see Lauren had no idea of what it was about to happen and San Francisco didn’t let me know, the wind blew so strong that Lauren was wrapped around a wave of emotions, excitement her hair and he own dress, truly an epic moment.

The direct light was strong and allow me to focus only on them, in their moment, in the twirl (literally) and I’m so happy I was able to capture this moment for them.

Surprise Marriage Proposal Pismo Beach Bluffs : Ana & Marc :

Marc found me online and since that first email I knew this was going to be special. Marc was planning to propose to the love of her life and have me there to document it, we planned it weeks a head, we spoke over the phone we send each others locations and before we knew it, it was time, the date was here and I was headed to the Pismo Beach Bluffs to witness this couples engagement, the moment that Ana and Marc decided to commit to one another. This is where their journey to marriage begins !!!