The Villages Golf & Country Club

The Villages Golf & Country Club Wedding : Didee + Anthony

It was finally here, the culmination of all those months of planning, buying decorations, designing favors, all of it leads to this moment, right here, today. Didee was so nervous and anxious when I arrive at the venue, I told her “NOTHING HAPPENS WITHOUT THE BRIDE” we will all wait for you, we are all here for you, to see you marrying the love of your life, this is it!

Didee was ready, she looked beautiful in her wedding attire, the perfect hair, and makeup, and witnessing that ceremony was an absolute honor.

There was a special ritual during the ceremony that was really intense, Didee and Anthony did a Unity Sand Ceremony, but they didn't just buy the store colored sand no, Didee flew in a little bag of sand from Mexico and Anthony did the same, from Puerto Rico. And that's how they decided to symbolize the start of their marriage, by blending sands from the places they were born and continuing inseparable the rest of their lives.

The reception was held at the Villages clubhouse in San Jose in a very traditional Latin wedding style, Mariachi included :) wonderful music and a lot of partying.